This is a story from a few months ago. But the story starts back in 2014……

In Dec 2014 we went to St Lucia. One night whilst there, we went for a walk along the beach and under a big Palm tree, we saw lots of beautiful Shells 🐚 and I mean BIG/ HUGE shells. And we thought these would look absolutely beautiful in the log cabin in our garden.

(In 2015, my husband and I moved to Cheltenham. We put a log cabin in the back garden for me to start a business from there.)

So I went to pick one up, but something in my mind, in my gut was stopping me. I questioned, “Why such beautiful shells would be placed like this under a tree.” Did they belong to a local? Maybe there was some kind of drugs hidden in them (as let’s face it. It is the Caribbean) I didn’t feel comfortable. So we didn’t touch them, we looked and carried on walking. But I couldn’t stop thinking about those beautiful shells.

The next day we left for home. When we got off the plane the airport had sniffer dogs; Not just the hand luggage, but on the suitcase conveyer belt too.

I said to Dave. “It must have been pretty bad over there for them to do this” Then it came to me. Imagine if we had taken the shells and they did have drugs in them. We would have been screwed!!

One of the techniques I teach in my workshop is to help you to listen to your gut instincts and your intuition.

So, to finish the story…

I didn’t ever forget about those beautiful shells and when I look at the small ones in the log cabin I always think how good the large ones would have looked next to them. 😊

In November 2016. My husband and I went to Mexico. The weather wasn’t so great whilst we were there and there were deserted hotels up the coast next to ours. The beaches were not cared for and the water came in quite far too.

Whilst we lay one day on the beach. I said to my Husband “I really fancy taking a walk along those deserted beaches” my Husband wasn’t so keen. He could see the high tides, the large rocks/stones. He couldn’t see past the seaweed and he wasn’t feeling it. To get to those beaches there was a smallish jump from our beach onto the next. And yes you land in seaweed. 😅 But my gut instinct was so strong that I wanted to take this walk. My Husband waited by the edge as I walked off. I turned and asked “Are you coming? Oh, Come On!?” I encouraged him.

He could see I really wanted to go, so he slowly unwillingly followed. We hadn’t got very far when low and behold he spotted these shell type spikes sticking out the sand. I would have NEVER of seen it if I was on my own but my Husband has always had a good eye. He pulls them up out of the sand and they were the most beautiful shells I have ever seen. One by one he pulled them out each one more beautiful than the last…

I couldn’t believe it, for nearly 2 years I wished for these and again my gut instinct and intuition paid off but it had to be at that time. If I had gone for the walk alone, I wouldn’t have seen them. It had to have been with my Husband and if the bad weather wasn’t bad that day, we wouldn’t have gone there.

So, what I’m saying is… Once you have learnt the techniques, sometimes all you have to do is just think about what you REALLY want and then just wait.

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