So I’m rooting and planning my Vision Board trip to New Zealand, so to get the most out of the time I’m there and I start to think about writing a journal whilst I’m there. About A5 in size with lined paper something as a keepsake. Every day for a week I would plan a day or two more in my spare time.

Five days into planning, I had a knock at the door. It was the postman I wasn’t expecting anything so that was a nice surprise. When I opened it, it was from a lady called Kerry at Stampin’ Up she had sent me a welcome pack. In it were a beautiful folder, a card, a stamp set and a decorated lined journal with the word “date” on each page. I was beside myself with joy. I would have never of found one of these in the shop and this one was personalised just for me. It even had a plastic protective cover on it. (Which my Dad has been looking for months now. So I can now ask Kerry where she got the covers from and let Dad know)

Thank you, Kerry, for my beautiful gift!


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