About Me

I do most of my therapy work from my log cabin in the back garden. I ensure it is warm, clean and comfortable before each visit.

I am often known as “Lucky” or Jammy.” They even use the phrase, “I did a Naomi” if they experience some luck.

In 2010, I realised that it wasn’t simply the role of the dice, it was me. I was helping myself to get what I wanted. I was visualising my future, picturing it vividly in my mind, whilst being grateful and thankful for everything I had. Then, my dreams quickly became reality.

I’ve since mastered various therapies and techniques designed to help other people, people like you, turn their dreams into reality – you, too, can live a life of happiness.

I often work within my log cabin in my garden. It’s a peaceful, tranquil place which is always warm and welcoming. I also work with the Isbourne Holistic Centre where I run workshops based on the Law Of Attraction.

I truly believe that everyone has the right to get what they want and to live the happiest life they possibly can. And I believe it’s my duty to help you get there.

If you’re interested in working with me, then please do get in touch, and let’s start your journey to happiness together.


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