Tarot Card Reading


What is a Tarot Card Reading?

If you find that you’re lacking direction in life, or are anxious about the future, then a tarot card reading is perfect for you.
A tarot card deck consists of 78 cards. I work with a deck called “Wheel Of The Year”. The tarot cards are able to show you an accurate reading of your past, present, and most importantly, your future.

My tarot card reading will help you to learn about your past and how it affects your present. You’ll then be given a glimpse into what lies in store, allowing you to plan effectively and prepare for what’s ahead. You’ll be far more equipped to deal with your future.

It works by aligning the tarot deck with your energies and then laying the cards out in an order personalised to you. I can then read from the cards and explain to you what they represent.

Will definitely be visiting again

After visiting Naomi this afternoon for a tarot reading its fair to say I left feeling enlightened. Prior to this, I was unsure on whether the path I was taking in life was the right one for me and had many issues I left unsolved in my head and after conversing with Naomi I felt that I had direction and purpose. Id highly recommend the readings to anyone unsure about their past, present and future & will definitely be visiting again. Thoroughly enjoyed 🙂

Howard Hall 

Thank you so much!!


I went to Naomi this morning for a tarot reading and was very nervous/unsure of what to expect, I have always been intrigued by this but never experienced it before, but I can honestly say I had the most incredible time with Naomi, she has made everything in my life so much clearer and I know exactly what to do with my life and how to go about it, I’m so excited for my future now that she has told me what’s in store. Naomi is one of the most amazing people I have ever met, she is so kind, caring and bubbly and I really admire her. I would recommend this to anybody- even if they don’t believe in anything like this it is still so worth putting everything into perspective.


Leanne Powell

100% recommended


Well, to be honest, it’s taken me almost a week to write this review, As at first I was in shock, Then had lots to think about. Even from the other side of the world, Naomi was able to give me the most amazing and accurate reading! Thank you so much, Naomi. You have given me so much to think about and the tools to change me for the better. 100% recommended.

Kathryn Best

Her reading was incredible

Naomi helped me today greatly by doing a telephone reading for me. Her reading was incredible, she had plenty of messages for me and explained them all thoroughly and the meanings of each tarot card so that I could gain as much from the experience as possible and understand what the messages meant for me. She did all of this whilst immediately making me feel at ease and as though nothing I was feeling was silly or wrong. She expressed great understanding and you cannot help but have immediate confidence in her! Naomi is very thorough and you certainly get your money’s worth from the reading!
Thank you so much Naomi, you have no idea how much you have helped me!

Harriet Wilkinson 

I left feeling quite liberated and positive

So I’ve always been very sceptical however after discussions with some close girlfriends I chose to book for a tarot card reading (seems everyone’s had one apart from me). I wasn’t sure what to expect and did minimal research. I arrived and Naomi was super friendly and immediately felt at ease… The environment was lovely and she was professional yet down to earth throughout. I left feeling quite liberated and positive. Will definitely have another reading at some point. If nothing else it gave me a boost and some out of the box choices to go away and think about

Shell Barrett 

Wow, an amazing tarot reading by Naomi,

Wow, an amazing tarot reading by Naomi, who is welcoming & friendly and puts you at ease. I would definitely recommend her and will be going back. Thank you Naomi

Katrina Bird

I had an amazing experience

I had a reading with Naomi, I’ve been feeling a little unsettled of late, and needed a bit of direction. Naomi was so accurate with now and past, I have faith that the future is accurate too. Naomi, is amazingly positive, and passionate about what she does and I will definitely go back again.

I had hypnosis 10 weeks ago to help me with weight loss. I had an amazing experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect, wasn’t even sure it would work, I even laughed when Naomi said I would only have two cups of tea a day and would drink 2 litres of water!! I was given advice also on a few things to do as part of my new healthy eating program, the hypnosis was to improve my willpower. The day after it was done I felt so different and I have now lost 2 stone!! I’m enjoying it, and love the fact the weight is coming off. Thank you so much Naomi x

Natasha Downing 

Can't wait to book another appointment

I had my cards read, it was scary at first but Naomi made me feel at ease I can’t express how good she is can’t wait to book another appointment with you next month #amazing

Kelly John

Absolutely amazing

Absolutely amazing medium reading with Naomi today blew my mind!! And then I had a session of Hypnotherapy, and I felt different straight away, completely amazing! The future is looking bright!!

A week now and absolutely no desire to eat bad stuff! Even in the face of heartbreak, I don’t want to eat the huge box of Thornton’s in my cupboard!

Ps. Anyone want to buy a huge box of Thornton’s? Unwanted gift…Maybe a thank you for NAOMI

Wendy L Rowswell

Thank you so much


Thank you so much for my reading last week, your readings and groups always manage to give me direction, advise me on how to make changes and make me aware of what I need to do spiritually to make changes.  It was amazing having communication with my grandfather during the reading and helped me more than you could ever realise, it’s a complete honour when your relatives come to speak to you and without you that could never have happened. I thought teaching me how to read cards would be a huge challenge but your teaching skills have made that possible and I’m glad I managed to do you proud. You have helped me realise and believe in my own skills of which sometimes in the past I have doubted but will doubt no more. Thank you so much, you are amazing. Awesome Cabin by the way x

Corinna Cole

If you would like to get booked in with me for a tarot card reading you can do so by the contact form on my website or you can click this link below which will take you to my facebook page. Please feel free to “like” my page also.

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