SOULS learning groups for beginners


What is SOULS?

In 2010 I found myself lost with nowhere to go for guidance. I found myself frustrated and keen to learn more but no one to teach me, so I started to do courses and started to learn new things through these and the local spiritual church. I decided that I wouldn’t want others to be in this same position as me. So I set up a group of ‘like-minded souls” and it became very popular. Within a year the group name became souls.

What do you learn in a SOULS group?

In a 1 hour session, you can learn anything from grounding to communicating with spirits. Most often we will include a 10-minute meditation as many people find it hard to find time in the day to meditate so this is a perfect opportunity to do it. Each session there will be a safe, fun activity to do that push you that little bit further to communicate with spirit and your guides.

How often do SOULS groups run?

I run them currently once a month, but I could run more if the demand to do so was there. So feel free to ask me to run one and I can set it up as an event.


When is the next SOULS group?

The next souls workshop will be held on: 7th March 2018

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